100 Highly Searched Roofing Keywords for SEO and PPC in 2024

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, it’s essential for roofing businesses to stay ahead of the curve by optimizing their online presence. One key aspect of this optimization is leveraging highly searched roofing keywords for both SEO and PPC strategies. As we delve into the world of roofing keywords, it’s important to note that we’ve curated two distinct keyword lists to cater to different needs.

The first keyword list focuses on the United States, catering specifically to businesses targeting the American market. These keywords are carefully selected based on their popularity and relevance within the US roofing industry. By incorporating these keywords into your website content and PPC campaigns, you can effectively reach and engage with your target audience.

The second keyword list is broader in scope, encompassing not just the US but also English-speaking countries such as Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. This list provides insights into which keywords are commonly searched across these countries, enabling you to tailor your digital strategies to a wider audience.

To offer you a more comprehensive resource, we have compiled these lists based on extensive research and analysis. However, we understand that your specific needs may extend beyond the 100 keywords we provide in this article. Therefore, we have prepared additional resources in the form of detailed spreadsheets containing over 5,000 roofing keywords for the US and over 6,000 keywords for the US, CA, UK, IE, AU, NZ combined.

These spreadsheets, which can be accessed through the provided links below, are structured to help you better understand keyword metrics such as average monthly searches, competition levels, and bid ranges. Additionally, you have the flexibility to sort, search, and apply formulas to further refine your keyword strategy. Feel free to copy these sheets for your own record or editing purposes.

Sheet 1: Roofing Keywords (US only)

Sheet 2: Top Roofing Keywords (US, CA, UK, IE, AU, NZ)

In the following sections, we will explore a curated selection of the top 100 highly searched roofing keywords for SEO and PPC in 2023. While this article serves as a valuable starting point, we encourage you to explore the full keyword spreadsheets for a more comprehensive understanding of the roofing landscape. While our focus in this blog is primarily on roofing keywords, we understand that Roofing SEO and Roofing PPC are integral components of a successful digital marketing strategy, so we’ve linked to detailed resources to read about these topics. They provide detailed insights and actionable tips to help you optimize your website, improve search engine rankings, and run effective PPC campaigns.

So, let’s dive into the world of highly searched roofing keywords and unlock the potential to elevate your roofing business’s online visibility and attract targeted traffic from your desired markets.

Importance of choosing the right Roofing Keywords:

Keywords play a pivotal role in boosting your online presence and driving relevant traffic to your roofing business. By strategically incorporating roofing keywords into your website content and paid advertising campaigns, you can improve your search engine rankings and attract potential customers. Here’s why roofing keywords are so valuable:

Boost your online presence with strategic roofing keywords - Drive relevant traffic to your roofing business

Driving Organic Traffic and Improving Rankings:

Keywords act as the bridge between search engine users and your website. When users search for roofing-related queries, search engines analyze the relevance of websites based on the keywords used. By optimizing your website content with relevant roofing keywords, you increase the chances of appearing higher in search engine results, driving organic traffic to your site.

Action: Conduct keyword research to identify the most relevant and highly searched roofing keywords. Tools like Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, and Moz Keyword Explorer can provide valuable insights into keyword popularity, search volume, and competition levels.

Enhancing PPC Campaign Performance:

Choosing the right keywords for your pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns is crucial for maximizing your advertising budget. By aligning your ads with highly searched roofing keywords, you increase the likelihood of attracting clicks from users actively searching for roofing services. This improves ad relevance and can lead to higher click-through rates and conversions.

Action: Incorporate highly searched roofing keywords into your PPC campaigns. Ensure your ad copy is aligned with the chosen keywords and create targeted landing pages to enhance the user experience and increase conversion rates.

Conducting Keyword Research:

Keyword research is an essential step in understanding the search behavior of your target audience. By conducting thorough keyword research, you gain insights into the specific terms and phrases potential customers use when searching for roofing services. This knowledge enables you to tailor your website content, blog posts, and marketing campaigns to meet their needs effectively.

Step: Utilize keyword research tools to identify highly searched roofing terms. Analyze the search volume, competition, and trends associated with each keyword. This information will help you prioritize your efforts and focus on the keywords that will yield the best results for your roofing business.

Remember, effective keyword research is an ongoing process. Stay up to date with industry trends and regularly review and adjust your keyword strategy to ensure its alignment with the evolving search landscape. By understanding the value of roofing keywords and conducting thorough keyword research, you can optimize your online presence, drive targeted traffic, and ultimately grow your roofing business.

Roofing Keywords in the US

In the United States, specific roofing keywords dominate the search landscape. Understanding these highly searched terms can give your roofing business a competitive edge. Keywords such as “roofing contractors,” “roof repair,” “roofers near me,” “metal roof,” or just “roofing” are popular among American consumers seeking roofing services. By incorporating these US-specific keywords into your website content, blog posts, and PPC campaigns, you can target your marketing efforts towards the right audience and increase your chances of attracting local customers.

Here is the list of top 100 roofing keywords in the US:

Note: Currency: USD

KeywordMonthly searchesCompetitionLowest bidHighest bid
roofing contractors500,000148.8345.06
roofers near me500,000748.2649.30
roofing companies near me500,0007210.7262.92
metal roof500,0001002.3312.14
roof repair50,000449.5646.12
roof replacement50,0002410.1943.52
residential roofing50,00099.1528.76
commercial roofing50,000198.7442.00
roofing company50,0003811.8754.19
roofing materials50,0001000.926.90
roof tiles50,000952.0910.00
roof shingles50,0001001.1510.54
roofing contractors near me50,000587.5047.18
roof flashing50,000870.508.37
roof repair near me50,000739.0946.22
roofing supply near me50,000552.4013.06
roof types50,00041.558.50
rubber roofing50,0001000.509.61
architectural shingles50,000960.717.35
best roofing company near me50,000778.0740.91
metal roofing near me50,000663.2019.18
metal roof panels50,0001000.505.91
roof leak repair50,000658.2637.77
roof replacement cost50,000463.4121.00
rain gutter50,0001004.0315.44
corrugated metal roofing50,0001000.315.11
metal roofing sheets50,0001000.425.67
roofing supplies50,000611.7210.91
new roof cost50,000422.0613.17
roll roofing50,000920.317.07
local roofing companies50,000638.1444.67
roof inspection50,000486.9037.06
metal roofing cost50,000812.009.41
roofing tin50,000360.505.49
types of metal roofing50,000941.075.07
metal roofing supply near me50,000911.7010.59
metal roofing supplies50,000711.457.66
roofing fascia50,000322.2412.81
guttering installation50,000468.9030.57
the roofers50,00021.5525.45
roofing solar panels50,0001003.5112.54
shingles asphalt50,000900.767.91
guttering installation near me50,0005010.7533.00
pitched roofing50,00022.3312.30
corning owens shingles50,000771.669.18
solar roofer50,000913.3712.02
roof installation5,000279.3238.02
roofing services5,0003510.0050.00
roofing maintenance5,000217.3826.92
roofing sheets5,0001000.377.05
roof insulation5,000931.6311.54
roofing felt5,0001000.195.71
corrugated sheet5,0001000.415.56
polycarbonate roof5,0001000.364.14
flat roof5,000532.7515.00
roof waterproofing5,0001001.6713.17
polycarbonate roofing sheets5,0001000.382.96
corrugated roofing5,0001000.286.30
flat roof repair5,000406.1533.64
polycarbonate roof panels5,0001000.412.92
plastic roof sheets5,0001000.211.09
concrete roof tiles5,000831.619.38
3 tab shingles5,000990.757.41
gaf solar shingles5,000561.887.97
steel roofing5,000901.799.63
slate roof tiles5,000941.016.39
zinc roof5,000861.2810.00
metal siding panels5,0001000.713.64
roofing tar5,0001000.306.45
best roofers near me5,000799.0840.80
metal shingles5,0001001.156.27
roof restoration5,000493.8026.30
average cost to tear off and replace roof5,000412.4713.99
roof membrane5,000960.839.05
roof tiles near me5,000981.819.03
elastomeric roof coating5,000970.525.26
elite roofing5,000283.5720.88
roofing sheets price5,0001000.664.59
premier roofing5,000244.2319.72
copper roof5,000962.1511.57
roofers in my area5,000668.3447.78
leaking roof5,000536.2729.09
average cost of a new roof5,000431.8611.32
cheap metal roofing sheets near me5,0001001.246.24
pvc roofing5,000850.929.83
flat roof materials5,000950.635.03
fiberglass roof5,000880.549.80
terracotta roof tiles5,0001001.118.06
soffit repair5,000584.8317.30
epdm rubber roofing5,0001000.506.28
home depot metal roofing5,0001000.055.24
silicone roof coating5,0001000.576.91
metal roofing prices5,000961.327.25
corrugated metal panels5,0001000.303.08
modified bitumen roof5,000602.1315.00
rubber roofing material5,0001000.355.72
roof underlayment5,0001000.314.23
roofing materials near me5,000942.1511.38

Roofing Keywords in US, CA, UK, IE, AU, NZ:

If you’re expanding your reach beyond the US to English-speaking countries like Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand, or looking for global keywords search volume (in English speaking countries), this sheet is for you. In these countries, the roofing industry shares similar characteristics, but there are slight variations in the keywords used by consumers. By considering a broader keyword list that covers these countries, you can tap into a larger audience and increase your potential customer base. Incorporating these keywords into your digital marketing strategies can help you attract international customers and expand your roofing business’s reach.

Here are the top 100 roofing keywords in these countries:

Currency: USD

KeywordMonthly searchesCompetitionHighest bidLowest bid
roofing contractors500,000156.2240.00
roofers near me500,000725.0036.57
roofing companies near me500,000707.5156.48
roof shingles500,000990.589.41
metal roof500,0001001.9512.00
roof repair50,000455.1634.36
roof replacement50,000256.3937.80
residential roofing50,00097.6026.50
commercial roofing50,000207.3439.52
roofing company50,000398.7049.58
roofing materials50,0001000.575.48
roof tiles50,000910.394.41
roofing sheets50,0001000.512.53
roof insulation50,000970.925.17
roofing contractors near me50,000576.2342.28
roofing felt50,0001000.211.07
roof flashing50,000890.506.06
tpo roofing50,000650.9311.31
roof repair near me50,000694.8434.45
roofing supply near me50,000600.997.32
roof types50,00051.247.30
slate roof50,000580.916.10
epdm roofing50,000811.015.40
polycarbonate roof50,0001000.523.45
rubber roofing50,0001000.965.65
flat roof50,000672.2512.07
architectural shingles50,000950.566.80
best roofing company near me50,000767.1539.62
metal roofing near me50,000663.1218.83
metal roof panels50,0001000.505.86
corrugated roofing sheets50,0001000.432.06
polycarbonate roofing sheets50,0001000.613.76
roof sealant50,0001000.336.60
roof leak repair50,000704.0826.00
corrugated roofing50,000980.493.19
roof replacement cost50,000452.8819.55
rain gutter50,0001003.4115.00
corrugated metal roofing50,0001000.324.87
thatch roof50,000780.384.35
metal roofing sheets50,0001000.504.17
flat roof repair50,000703.8017.00
roofing supplies50,000660.916.07
polycarbonate roof panels50,0001000.362.68
roof battens50,000940.151.24
plastic roof sheets50,0001000.271.49
new roof cost50,000431.6511.22
concrete roof tiles50,000810.605.38
conservatory roof replacement50,000913.7412.03
3 tab shingles50,000980.435.40
conservatory roof50,000992.938.45
shed roof felt50,0001000.220.64
steel roofing50,000911.428.63
slate roof tiles50,000940.812.89
roll roofing50,000920.296.78
roofing tar50,0001000.275.46
local roofing companies50,000636.7441.83
roof membrane50,000960.444.35
roof inspection50,000474.1431.53
leaking roof50,000523.5420.00
fiberglass roof50,000960.654.99
roof decking50,0001000.986.00
roof moss removal50,000881.048.93
metal roofing cost50,000821.949.00
roofing panels50,0001000.364.80
roofing tin50,000400.455.09
types of metal roofing50,000940.954.89
shed roofing50,0001000.241.95
erie metal roof50,000503.6619.06
metal roofing supply near me50,000911.659.84
pergola roofing50,0001000.442.65
green roofing50,000281.283.24
guttering replacement50,000664.0333.00
metal roofing supplies50,000721.397.16
roofing fascia50,000391.499.23
beacon roof supply50,00051.398.78
guttering installation50,000467.4929.74
roof paints50,000990.415.78
the roofers50,00021.5415.76
roofing solar panels50,000992.3110.00
shingles asphalt50,000880.506.69
guttering installation near me50,000499.7932.89
pitched roofing50,00091.366.71
corning owens shingles50,000761.288.08
solar roofer50,000902.5310.54
roof installation5,000274.6528.05
roofing services5,000335.4730.00
roofing maintenance5,000253.3216.25
asbestos sheet5,000560.753.70
corrugated sheet5,0001000.482.31
roof waterproofing5,000981.099.05
shed felt5,0001000.210.37
marley roof tiles5,000990.150.85
gaf solar shingles5,000551.767.97
zinc roof5,000770.854.96
metal siding panels5,0001000.743.53
best roofers near me5,000786.8636.95
metal shingles5,0001001.156.27

In the fast-paced digital world of 2023, optimizing your online presence is essential for roofing businesses to thrive. One of the key strategies for achieving this optimization is the use of highly searched roofing keywords for both SEO and PPC campaigns. By incorporating these keywords into your website content and paid advertising, you can increase your visibility, attract relevant traffic, and stay ahead of the competition.

The importance of choosing the right roofing keywords cannot be overstated. These keywords act as a bridge between search engine users and your website, driving organic traffic and improving your search engine rankings. By conducting thorough keyword research and leveraging tools like Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, and Moz Keyword Explorer, you can identify the most relevant and highly searched roofing keywords for your target audience.

Furthermore, choosing the right keywords is crucial for enhancing the performance of your PPC campaigns. Aligning your ads with highly searched roofing keywords increases ad relevance, click-through rates, and conversions. By incorporating these keywords into your ad copy and creating targeted landing pages, you can maximize your advertising budget and attract users actively searching for roofing services.

Keyword research should be an ongoing process, with regular updates and optimization to stay ahead of the competition. By continually refining your keyword strategy and staying up to date with industry trends, you can ensure your online presence remains optimized and effective.

Incorporating highly searched roofing keywords into your website content and PPC campaigns is a powerful way to increase your online visibility and attract relevant traffic. By utilizing the resources provided, such as the curated list of top 100 roofing keywords for the US and the broader keyword list for English-speaking countries, you can tap into a larger audience and expand your customer base.

Remember, effective keyword research and optimization are the keys to success in the digital landscape. By prioritizing highly searched roofing keywords, continually updating your keyword strategy, and staying ahead of the competition, you can elevate your roofing business’s online presence and achieve long-term growth. So, don’t wait any longer—start incorporating these keywords into your website content and PPC campaigns and unlock the full potential of your online marketing efforts.

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