Roofing SEO Case Study: Improving Local Map Pack Rankings


Our client operates a rank and rent roofing site in Ireland but was struggling to rank for competitive roofing keywords in the local map pack and on SERPs. Additionally, negative reviews were impacting lead generation for roofers he was working with. Our objective was to increase leads by improving local map pack rankings.

Assessment and Strategy:

To address the issues, we conducted a thorough assessment of the site and identified areas for improvement. We then implemented the following strategies:

Optimizing GMB (Google My Business) Listing:

We added new services to the GMB listing, including descriptions and pricing information. We also included services based on high-volume roofing keywords to expand the range of services offered. We worked on getting more positive reviews from previous business clients with relevant keywords to increase the overall rating, which improved from 3.7 to 4.2. We also posted regularly on GMB, focusing on location-based and keyword-based posts that included links to relevant pages of the website.

Inbound Linking:

We added inlinks from our own website to the GMB listing and embedded our business map on location pages. We hyperlinked relevant keywords on our location pages with our map CID link to improve search engine rankings.

Additional Categories:

We added more secondary categories to the GMB listing to provide greater context to search engines and increase visibility in the search results.


Roofing SEO Case Study

Our actions resulted in significant improvements in the client’s local map pack rankings. Within two weeks, some keywords moved from no ranking to top 10-15 positions, and a few achieved top-10 rankings. By the end of the third week, many of the keywords had reached the top 3 local map pack rankings. As a result of the improved rankings, the number of roofing leads and calls increased substantially, boosting the client’s revenue.

As a result of the improved rankings, the number of leads/calls increased substantially.


By optimizing the GMB listing, inbound linking, and adding additional categories, we were able to improve the client’s local map pack rankings and generate more leads. These strategies can be applied to other roofing businesses looking to increase their online visibility and grow their customer base.

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